Tkium proposes applications to participate in programs. These are a way to help a thank users promoting the company and its games. You can find multiple services available, that can be requested by the user. By applying to one of the services, you understand the requirements and fulfill them already. Each service has their own terms and conditions. You also understand that there is 70% of chance of being accepted into a program. Nothing confirms that you will be accepted, even if the probability of being denied is low.
Depending on the amount of people who are already in the specific program, it may be closed and may remain unavailable for several months. The amount of people who can participate in each program can change at any time depending on the popularity of the service. Please note that any change would be directly announced on Twitter or on the Community server.

List of services

Media Content Creators Program

The Media Content Creators program is based on Youtube and Twitch.

The program requires a content channel, focused on video games.
The channel must have at least 200 subscribers and an active community.
The channel must have at least 2 videos on 2 different games made by Tkium. The video can be a gameplay, a tutorial or even a review. These videos must have at least 300 views each.

The program will allow you to get free access to some of Tkium games and perks on the Community server.

Contributor Program

The Contributor program is based on game assets production.

The program requires to participate in the game development by producing assets for the games. They can be physical assets, such as game objects or 3D models, or user interface objects.

The program will allow you to get free access to some of Tkium games, perks on the Community server and a payment, depending on the asset created.