Tkium is a game support-company created to offer you enjoyable content, founded in 2020 by BloodAlibi.


Tkium Exclusion Area
Tkium Exclusion Area

Tkium Exclusion Area is a short horror escape game which takes place in an asylum. You need to escape the area before the fear takes over you. Find levers, discover systems and solve problems.

Tkium Underground
Tkium Underground

Tkium Underground is a short horror escape game which takes place an unknown underground facility. In this maze, you will need to understand how to open the exit by using generators, levers and many other ways.

Tkium Metro
Tkium Metro

Tkium Metro is an horror escape game which takes place in an abandoned metro station. You will need to go through several mazes, to find ways to leave each area using tools, your gut and your skills.


Tkium offers multiple services to help and thank online creators, partners and contributors.
Send your application with 70% of chance of getting accepted into the program, depending on its terms and conditions.
Get benefits and access to special content such as events, videos, games, and much more!
Applying is free and limited to a certain amount of people. Get your chance and apply for an available service!

Easy Application

Complete the application form using the required information depending on the service, check the requirements and send it directly after!

Fast and Clear Answer

Get an clear answer in a short period of time, depending on the service and the time, and join the requested program.

Gain Benefits

Gain the benefits of the specific program!


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