To request a specific type of help, please contact the support team.


The frequently asked questions related to Tkium in general. Checking the FAQ may help you a lot getting a direct answer to your question.
The FAQ is often updated. New questions or better answers are regularly added.


The Community server is a place where all the community members can talk, share and enjoy. It is a public Discord server open to anyone above the age of 13. Please read and understand the Terms of Use of this external service.

The Community server can be used to talk with other members, to share ideas and suggestions, to report a bug, to get in touch with the staff, to play with other people and to have fun!

There can be multiple reasons that can explain that. You most likely broke one or several community rules or the Discord Terms of Use.
Please read and understand the guidelines before using the server.
If you wish to appeal, you can send an e-mail to In order to have more chances to be unbanned, please state clearly that you wish to appeal and all the useful information. Provide your full Discord username (Example: User#1234) and the estimated date (PT) of your punishment. If you ignore this information or if you are unsure, do not mention it.

If you need to report a user breaking the rules of the server or the Terms of Use of Discord, you can directly request a ticket within the Community Server to contact a moderator that will handle your report.
Please provide all the useful information you have, the full username of the user and the date of the incident. If you ignore this information or if you are unsure, do not mention it.

In order to join the Community server, you first need to install Discord and to sign up. If you do not have an account, you can create a new one after reading and understanding the Term of Use of Discord.
Make sure that the invite link is correct. If you are unsure, select the Discord icon at the top of the website to join directly the server.
If you are banned from the server, report to one of the previous question in this FAQ.


Tkium proposes applications to participate in programs. These are a way to help a thank users promoting the company and its games. You can find multiple services available, that can be requested by the user. By applying to one of the services, you understand the requirements and fulfill them already. Each service has their own terms and conditions. You also understand that there is 70% of chance of being accepted into a program. Nothing confirms that you will be accepted, even if the probability of being denied is low.
Depending on the amount of people who are already in the specific program, it may be closed and may remain unavailable for several months. The amount of people who can participate in each program can change at any time depending on the popularity of the service. Please note that any change would be directly announced on Twitter or on the Community server.

Yes. They are completely free. However, requirements would be needed to be accepted into each program.

You can visit the "Services" page available using the button at the top of the website. There, scroll down until you find a a list of the services available. After checking the requirements of the requested program, select the button just below the description. If you do not see any button, it means that the requested service is not available.

The easiest way to leave a program is to get in touch with the support. Visit the "Help & FAQ" page and scroll down until you find a form to contact the support. Here, explain the issue and give the information that were required to enter in the program.
You can also use the Community server to leave a program. You need to visit the channel #ticket and create one. There, you can ask the staff to remove you from your current program.