The story of Tkium

Tkium is a game support-company founded in 2020 by BloodAlibi. Back in the days, it was only used for small free projects such as roleplay games. One year after its creation, the goal of the company changed and new types of games appeared on Tkium. The first game, Tkium Exclusion Area, was released.
At the same time, old projects were removed to allow more services to be created such as the support service, programs and communications (social medias).
With the help of a growing community coming from the community server, Tkium obtained a competent staff and was ready to help, manage and create.

(The official release of Tkium Exclusion Area, announcement made on the community server.)

The current status of Tkium

Even if BloodAlibi remains as the only developer of the company, and the games as one-man projects, Tkium has changed a lot during 2 years. It currently supports a lot of projects such as Tkium Metro and Tkium Underground. The "horror" type that it currently has will probably become one of the many genres to be developed. With its community, its staff, its future ideas and projects, I hope the best for Tkium. Its current status will take a long time to change, but who knows : with time, effort and improvements, Tkium may become what we call today "an active and important game company".